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Wooden Buddhas


Wooden Buddha bring the very fabric of nature into your living space or meditation room.Carved from wood across Asia, these Buddha statues are beautiful representations of a teacher whose wise words have spanned across many centuries. If you're looking for a nice tasteful wooden sculpture to use as a focal point during meditation or just as a decorative feature, then you'll definitely find what you're seeking. Here you'll discover where you can buy one of these delightful little wooden Buddha statues at a very resonable price.

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In general, Wood Buddha Statues have a smooth, natural feeling that is missing in Buddha statues made from other materials. The visual appeal of wood grain gives these statues a serene feeling, and the color of wooden Buddhas can be calming, too. These Wooden Buddha Statues have been kiln dried so that the wood will not crack due to humidity changes, and you can expect to enjoy your Buddha statue for many, many years.

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